About Us



Our mission is to continue to raise the bar as the gold standard in our industry by providing the safest, most reliable and cost-efficient transportation service in Beaver County, PA through our strong relationships with our communities, best in their class drivers, equipment and technology.


Our staff is our greatest asset. Significant contributions come from all levels of employees—from our drivers to mechanics to the administrative staff. As a team and family made up of diverse individuals and ideas, we are able to bring a creative and innovative approach to the local transportation industry.

We encourage open communication, the development of skills and knowledge, dedication to excellence and teamwork. The quality of our organization is characterized by the makeup of the individual behind the wheel, not the name on the side of the vehicle.


There is nothing more important than the safety of our students, employees and community members. Safety is the product of teamwork between our staff and the families and districts that we serve. We are a collective team who works together to keep our kids and communities safe.


Over 30 years ago, Frye Transportation Group, Inc. (FTG) began with something as small as a scratch on a nose.

After being laid off from his job as a crane operator at Crucible Steel, Kyle (“Pap”) Frye spent much of his free time working on cars in his garage and helping his wife Patricia (“Patty”) babysit their grandkids.

One day while babysitting, Kyle lifted one of his grandsons up on top of a deer head that was mounted on the wall, as he often did to make them laugh. While hoisting his grandson onto the animal’s head, a swing of the two-year old’s little arm left Kyle with a scratch on his nose. What a blessing the little scratch would end up being for our family.

As days passed, the innocent scratch cost Kyle a trip to the doctor. To everyone’s surprise, the scratch and its location led to the discovery of skin cancer on Kyle’s nose, which may not have been found otherwise.

While sitting in the waiting room for this appointment, Kyle was approached by long-time Western Beaver school board member “Big” John Nuzzo with an opportunity to transport a child to and from school in Kyle’s brand-new Suburban.

After speaking with his wife and sleeping on the opportunity, Kyle established Frye Transportation, Inc. in August of 1985.

Kyle and Patricia Frye continued on to run their family operation for the Western Beaver County School District for the next 18 years. During these years, Kyle was the lead driver and mechanic, with Patricia as his aide.

Kyle and Patty made a lifetime of memories together until Patricia fell ill and passed away in June of 2002.

In August of 2003, Kyle announced to his family that he had decided to step down from his position. His oldest son Danny was ready to take on his father’s role as head of the family business.

Kyle stayed on for a final school year to oversee the smooth transition of ownership to Danny and his wife, Catherine. This transition began the second generation of leadership in Frye Transportation.

Over the next few years, Danny and Catherine Frye were able to greatly grow Frye Transportation, which they still own and operate today.

In April of 2013, Danny and Catherine approached their son Daniel (“DJ”), who at the time was a driver and worked in the office for the family business, with the opportunity to branch out on his own. DJ and his soon to be wife at the time, Sarah, made the sacrifice of purchasing 16 school buses and a 20,000 square foot facility from Shank Bus Company—the industry leader during this time. DJ’s branch-off established the third-generation of ownership for the local school bus industry.

At that time, Frye Transportation Group was established and now its subdivisions account for over 100 employees and 100+ vehicles that are housed at two separate terminals in Beaver County.

The third-generation owner DJ frequently says that the company’s success is the reflection of the hard work and dedication of his staff and coworkers. Frye Transportation Group would not be possible if it wasn't for:

  • The quality and experienced office staff
  • The well-trained and highly-qualified, caring staff of drivers
  • Their industry leading equipment and use of new age technology and safety equipment

He calls his younger sister Kylee a superstar in the industry, and passionately credits his parents and grandfather for paving the path for him and his family.

DJ admits he couldn’t do it without the support of his wife and two young daughters, who he says make him a better business owner and person. DJ's favorite part of the business is serving and protecting the children of the community while working alongside his family every single day.

Our Technology

All of our vehicles are equipped with four HD, audio, zoomable, live-view Rosco Cameras.

All of our vehicles are equipped with the latest Digital two-way radios on the market. We can reach any one of our vehicles anywhere at any time.

All of our vehicles are equipped with real-time GPS trackers that help monitor driver performance and safety.  This also allows parents to track their children’s bus through “Here Comes The Bus Technology.”

All of our commercial school buses are equipped with automatic snow chains.



95% of our fleet is less than a year old


– International School buses

– Thomas Wheel Chair Buses

– Trans Tech Mini Buses

– Ford Transit 9 Passenger Vans

– 7 Passenger Dodge Caravans